Service Charges

Item Charges
On-Site Visit Charges


Desktops (Carry in)


Desktops older than 7 years (Carry in)


NoteBooks, MacBook, MB Pro


Diagnosis Charges – notebooks/desktops


Mouse, Keyboards


Power Adapters


Data backup


Data Recovery Charges(free up to 5 GB) 4000
Internet Setup & Installation 1500
iPad or iPod restoration 500
iPod diagnosis/service 500

Terms & Conditions

  • – Service Tax extra on above prices (currently 15 %)
  • – Diagnosis Charges will be charged on all items as per the above price lists.
  • – Service charges will be as per the above Service Price List in dependent on time taken for the job and may vary.
  • – In case of equipment taken back unpaired after a quotation is given the minimum diagnosis charge as per the above price list will be charged.
  • – Repair Guarantee – your equipment will be warranted for 30 days for repair carried out and the parts replaced from the date of invoice.
  • – All spare parts supplied are under Exchange Program the defective part will be retained by Mac|Life Computers.
  • – Advance Payment – An advance payment of 50% must be paid at the time of placing purchase order for spares.
  • – Subject to Spares Availability – For spare parts not in stock, it will take a minimum of 2-4 business days to procure the part, subject to availability at¬†Apple India’s ware-house.
  • – Warranty – In order to establish warranty of your equipment please furnish Proof of Purchase at the time of submitting your equipment for repair.
  • – Storage of Equipment – Equipment repaired (or un-repaired)will be kept at MLC free of charge for a maximum period of 7 days only. A minimum charge of Rs 50 day will be levied for periods exceeding 7 days.
  • – Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  • MacLife¬†will NOT be responsible for User’s data. Please backup your data before authorizing any repairs.
  • We cannot guarantee 100% data recovery.